Our Company

Welcome to ManagedLEI, a brand new online service brought to you by
Trusted Identity Limited.  
Working with leading identity access management company UbiSecure Oy, ManagedLEI are bringing a whole new customer experience to market, why wait up to three days if you could be issued and trading in the time it takes to brew a coffee.
ManagedLEI was formed with a vision to provide a fast, trusted, professional service with a mission to create the very best in automated identity solutions.
Our dedicated team won’t stop with LEIs, we already have a whole range of digital security and identity solutions planned – Watch this space!
Save time and money – Did we mention you could be trading in minutes?
Read more about the future of LEIs and regulation compliance here and register with ManagedLEI today to take advantage of our market leading LEI issue time and latest offers.  

Our mission/promise

Our mission is to simplify the process of verifying online by delivering authentic, automated identity solutions to market on a user-friendly, efficient platform.
Our promise is to bring you no-nonsense, affordable solutions that keep ahead of global regulation compliance.

About the founder

Cristina Hudson is passionate about identity and security in the global marketplace and has channeled this passion into this project with a view to improving transparency and trusted identities online. 
While a bit of this enthusiasm may have grown from a busy life as a working mum and the need to shop online; Cristina’s diverse career ranging across the financial sector, teaching and translation, and more recently as the founder of Trusted Identity Limited, firmly places her as a unique and ambitious businesswoman.


Selecting ManagedLEI to order and manage your trading identities means you will have first access to exciting products and services we have in development.
Expect the very best in automated solutions for document identity services, data encryption, internal/external verification tools and much more.
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