Who are we?

ManagedLEI is a GLEIF approved official Registration Agent of Legal Entity Identifiers. We are official partners of RapidLEI and use their engine to deliver LEI numbers in minutes and at low cost.


Our mission

Legal Entity Identifiers fill a gap in the global market. There has been a growing need for a digital identity that could be trusted and when adopted, greatly reduce the fraud and crime on today’s financial market. ManagedLEI believe that global adoption of LEIs will do just this and that’s why they have partnered with leading LEI issuance system, RapidLEI to reduce the burden on organisations by issuing LEIs in minutes and at less cost.

Legal Entity Identifiers or LEIs are now mandatory for entities that take part in financial transactions but they also have the opportunity to be used by many other industries to reduce the cost of KYC and Onboarding. McKinsey found that broader adoption of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) could save the global banking sector U.S.$2-4 billion annually in client onboarding costs alone.The demand for LEIs will continue to increase as regulators in more industries worldwide are introducing legislation that require legal entities to obtain and LEI number for transparent trading and reporting purposes.

ManagedLEI’s mission is to bring you no-nonsense, affordable LEIs that keep ahead of global regulatory compliance. We aim to simplify the process and present a better, easier customer experience on a user-friendly, efficient platform.


About The Founder

Cristina Hudson

Cristina Hudson studied Italian Literature and continued on to do a master’s in Hotel Management. She has always been passionate about learning new things, no matter where that knowledge takes her.

Originally born in Romania, Cristina came to the UK in 2009 where she met her now husband – Chris. After finishing her master’s degree in 2010, Cristina moved to the UK to get married. She and Chris are now proud parents to a baby girl.

Cristina’s interest in digital identity and LEIs came after years of her husband working for one of the top certificate authorities in the world, GlobalSign. Whilst working in various industries, she met many of her husband’s colleagues and grew strong friendships that drove her interest in this field even further.

Cristina saw a gap that Certificate Authorities could not fill in regards to digital identity data. CA’s are centralised and private and yet, security researchers were still finding it easy to fraudulently obtain digital certificates. Digital identities needed to be more robust, especially on the financial market where so much money is lost due to fraud and criminal activity.

In came Ubisecure, with RapidLEI. RapidLEI pioneered the delivery and issuance of Legal Entity Identifiers after they were first introduced by the GLEIF. Finally, there was a digital identity for business that could be trusted, was openly available to search or challenge and includes information on business hierarchies. And the best part is, with RapidLEI, LEIs could be registered and delivered within minutes at a much more cost effective price where before, they often took days to deliver.

Cristina’s passion for learning led her to see an opportunity to improve the transparency in B2B transactions both online and in the financial market. She has set-up ManagedLEI because she believes her partnership with RapidLEI gives her a unique opportunity to promote the adoption of LEIs and further increase the security and trust of financial trade both globally and in the UK. Read her interview with Ubisecure here.

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