10 Identity and Access Management Predictions for 2020 - SMALL
24th January

10 Identity and Access Management Predictions for 2020

Identity and Access Management has been increasing its market share for a long time now but what have we got to show for it? 2020 will be an exciting
18th December

Investment and Financial Regulations to Watch in 2020

Now that the UK have decided on their next Prime Minister, the future is clear. The UK will leave the EU at the latest, in 2022 and investors and fina
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25th November

Broad Adoption of Legal Entity Identifiers Could Save the Banking Industry $2-4 Billion

A Q3 Update on Legal Entity Identifiers
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25th October

The FSB identifies the Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEI ROC) as best posi

An interesting development in the financial world of data standards. The Financial Stability Board or FSB has promoted the LEI ROC to also be the gove
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8th October

Legal Entity Identification Data Mapping

Business is globalising and a consequence of this globalisation is the need for a common language for transacting across borders.
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1st October

What is ISO 20022?

Standardising data formats in payment messaging allows separate parties and systems to communicate with each other to perform functions.
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12th August

Using Legal Entity Identifiers in Digital Certificates

Transparency in financial reporting. Transparency that can mitigate or even possibly avoid the likes of the 2008 financial crash.
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2nd July

The Future of Legal Entity Identifiers

The GLEIF 2018 Annual report spoke of LEI adoption increasing.
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23rd May

4 Organisations Committed to Trusted Transactions Online – Part 3

4 Organisations Committed to Trusted Transactions Online
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