Low Cost, Fast and Easy Legal Identifier Number (LEIS). Choose ManagedLEI as the fastest way to secure your financial transactions.  Trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations.

Managed LEI Plus

Perfect for small to medium enterprises.

Use the below table to select your LEI length of time.

Get notified when your renewal is due, just re-sign to ensure seamless compliance.

Managed LEI Pro

10 or more LEIs? Take the stress out of handling your LEI’s with our bespoke large portfolio option.

The ultimate ManagedLEI package for large enterprises. Take full advantage of our renewal notification and automation.

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With MyLEI you are responsible for ordering and the annual renewal.

Upgrade to a ManagedLEI package for renewal notification/automation.

  1. Create an account with a username and password.
  2. Login, type your company name and watch the magic happen! Select your company name or click search in the unlikely event your company is not displayed.
  3. Select your currency and make your secure payment online by credit card. RapidLEI will gather the Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD).
  4. Sign online or delegate signing authority to another legally responsible person.
  5. Receive your LEI in minutes.

Low-cost LEIs

Register a new LEI or transfer an existing LEI to ManagedLEI today for easy, low cost and fast LEI registrations and renewals.

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